Building a Navigation Bar

Bootstrap is a great framework that can be used in countless ways to give your website a clean and polished look. One of the most crucial parts of any website is its navigation. Without a an easily visible and clear element of navigation your site can easily confuse visitors and not entice them to explore everything your site has to offer. In this tutorial, we will create a basic navigation bar utilizing various classes from the Bootstrap framework. Here is an example of what we will be creating in both the full width and collapsed forms:




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Five Minute Fix – Well or Panel?

Wells and panels are great features of Bootstrap to help set your content apart from the rest of the page and make it more visually attractive to your visitors. Although they are rather similar, it is important to know which element to use in different situations. Continue reading “Five Minute Fix – Well or Panel?”

CSS Resets and Why They Matter

One of the key features of Bootstrap, one that is also often overlooked, is its use of CSS reset through a modified version of the Normalize.css file. This file is very small (7.8KB before it is minified), but  very powerful as well. It was created by Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal as a way to provide a consistent output across all web browsers. Continue reading “CSS Resets and Why They Matter”

Downloading and Installing Bootstrap

This short tutorial will show you how to use Bootstrap on your website. When you are finished with this tutorial you should have a bare bones Bootstrap page to start working with.

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So What Is Bootstrap?



You’ve taken up coding, maybe browsed a few websites or bought a book or two on the topic. You feel pretty comfortable with organizing the structure of HTML and styling it with CSS, but what next? That is where Bootstrap comes in. Continue reading “So What Is Bootstrap?”