So What Is Bootstrap?



You’ve taken up coding, maybe browsed a few websites or bought a book or two on the topic. You feel pretty comfortable with organizing the structure of HTML and styling it with CSS, but what next? That is where Bootstrap comes in. Bootstrap is a web development framework created by the guys who made Twitter. The framework was created to help make styling an HTML page easier by including classes with pre-defined CSS. Utilizing these classes can help you set up a professional and polished web site much quicker than if you had to style the CSS from scratch. An easy way to understand what Bootstrap does is to look at it as a container filled with building blocks. These blocks might be code snippets that help create smooth, rounded buttons, or even an image carousel that a user can click through with arrows on each side. These features, and many more, are included in the Bootstrap framework, making it an ideal platform to begin designing you site. Coming up we will begin to look more closely at the framework, how to include it in your website, and some features that will be sure to make your website stand out among the crowd.

  • Happy Coding

Michal Patriak



I am a software development student eagerly exploring the software industry.

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